The real reason for the economic meltdown

The real reason for the economic meltdown(Chairperson at a business meeting) The motion is carried. We will wind up operations, sell off the business and lay off our employees so we can all go home and watch the shiba inu puppy cam.
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Friends of the show, doing cool things

Congrats due for Vancouver social media companies celebrating successes and launches

In the hubbub of our various projects, we've let two three interesting developments in our local social media scene slip by unremarked.

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Do adjust your set: viewers flock to YouTube over TV to see Obama

Alex posted yesterday about YouTube views as a proxy for the relative support for political candidates. According to this piece at TechPresident, the same may be true of the relative support for new and old(er) media:

Accepting on behalf of lonelygirl15 will be lonelygirl16

Accepting on behalf of lonelygirl15 will be lonelygirl16(parent to teen sprawled on bed) Cheer up, sweetheart. Maybe NEXT year the Oscars will have a category for Best YouTube Diary.
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Cartoon: Instant pariah

(Man on bench whispering to a schocked friend) "I don't really like Rocketboom."
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Northern Voice: No politician is safe when cameras are everywhere

How citizen journalism powered by social media reframes politics, politicians, and the people involved

I just stepped out of a superb presentation by Eddie Codel titled Using Internet Video to Change the World One Eyeball at a Time. A few of the phenomena he raised:

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YouTube meets The Man

Targeting your video message to the community you want to reach

I had a great conversation on Saturday night with Kate Trgovac on Sean Holman's Public Eye Radio. The topic was Petro-Canada's foray into the video-sharing world of YouTube, a project Kate got rolling for them before moving on to her new gig. (The videos purport to explain why gasoline prices are so high.)

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Rob talks about Petro-Canada and YouTube: CFAX 1070

Just a quick note – I’ll be on Sean Holman’s Public Eye with Kate Trgovac, to talk about Petro-Canada’s YouTube gambit. We’re on at 8 p.m., right after the news. That's 1070 kHz on your AM dial in sunny Victoria, or listen live online.

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Resurrect your rhetoric: six (re)uses for a speech

The lectern has been disassembled, the coffee cups are cleared and the crowd has moved on to their afternoon agenda. The major speech you worked on for weeks is over, and you can’t help but think: is that it?

For all the work we do preparing for them, speeches go by with unnerving speed. This issue, I try to suggest a few ways you can get the most from your next big speech — well beyond the actual delivery itself.

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