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Hi, PC World readers - here's your Noise to Signal primer

A little history... and some of the cartoon's greatest hits

@awsamuel Could you pass the salt?

If you're visiting from PC World - or just happened to stumble onto us - we're glad you could come by. Pull up a chair. Lemonade?

Your timing's terrific: I was just about to start the slide show. Oh, no, don't get up - the holiday pictures aren't until later. No, this is all about Noise to Signal, my cartoon about the intersection of technology, communications and life. Sit back and make yourself comfortable.

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Integrating the new hotness

Getting to know a tool before pigeonholing it


A few days ago I got a super-special birthday present (xoxo, Alex!): a new 12" Cintiq, Wacom's combination graphic tablet and display.

And take a shot whenever their domains redirect to a link farm

And take a shot whenever their domains redirect to a link farm(police officer on radio, surrounded by bodies and empty beer bottles and cans) Yep, acute alcohol poisoning. Looks like another one of those take-a-shot-every-time-a-Web-2.0-business-goes-under drinking games.
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Labour and social media: resources and cases from the CALM workshop

CALM logoLast Thursday, through the kind offices of the Canadian Association of Labour Media, I spent the day with a gaggle of communications professionals from a wide assortment of Canadian labour unions, sharing what I know about the social web and learning about an array of initiatives that various unions have launched in the last while.

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Clay Shirky on social media: "I can do that, too!"

How social media is turning viewers into value contributors - on a mass scale

This is a spectacular presentation from Clay Shirky at last month's Web 2.0 Expo. He makes a compelling argument that the time-sucking power of television has masked a huge pool of creative and collaborative energy out there... and that social media are all about unleashing that energy – at TV's expense:

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How your non-profit can earn revenue with Web 2.0: Part 5 - Product sales

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How Web 2.0 taught me to clear a traffic jam

A block of traffic in Vancouver's Yaletown district, all backing up

You're looking at how an online community can work, and save you a lot of aggravation.

This is a traffic jam curing itself: an entire block of downtown Vancouver traffic a few days ago, with every car, van and truck in reverse. They're inching their way backwards, in concert, away from a stopped truck that had jammed Hamilton Street from Davie to Helmcken. (The Google Map's right here.) And all without police intervention.

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Introducing Bedtime with Rob and Alex

It's the start of our favourite season here at Social Signal: the run-up to Valentine's Day. For us, it's a celebration of love, togetherness and community.

And what better way to express that togetherness than through a podcast? That's why we're launching a new experiment, Bedtime with Rob and Alex. It's a podcast that captures the knowledge, insights and passions of our online community and Web 2.0 explorations -- whether that involves a new way of looking at online collaboration, or a new piece of software for looking at online pictures.

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How your non-profit can earn revenue with Web 2.0

Social media for social enterprise

Social Signal has worked with many different non-profit organizations, of varying size and means, to create a variety of social media sites, of varying scale and ambition. One thing that just about every non-profit client (and most for-profit clients) ask is about the return on investment. How can non-profits assess the financial value of their social media investments? And perhaps even more fundamentally, how can they find the money to pay for sites that can be costly to build, and just as costly to run?

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Can Web 2.0 save the world?

It's easy to get fixated on the shiny toys of the Web 2.0 world: the latest invitation-only beta of the hottest new collaborative technology using the coolest whatever. Nothing wrong with that; our natural affinity for cool and new helps provide a built-in audience for technological innovators.

But the bright glare of technological promise can obscure its social impact... and not just the negative effects that technology's critics are fond of citing.

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